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GSSSE provides security consulting,maintenance services and supply a wide range of CCTV Surveillance system to our clients.

While conventional CCTV systems are very good post-incident tools, since it holds critical video evidence for investigation purpose and good deterrent effect. CCTV are often misinterpreted as a silver bullet to security challenges

Often there are too much information produced by the CCTV. Research has shown that the abundance of video information has made it impractical for human attention span to deal with. Hence, the solution is using technology to create a smarter and better video and storage management, and a smarter system to detect abnormalities in dynamics situation. 


GSSSE's system provide a  comprehensive digital video solution combining on-site monitoring and recording with full remote capabilities. Which in turn allows you to monitor and manage your operations on-site or remotely to enhance business productivity, efficiency and profitability.


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